The Landmark Film Center

Client:  Landmark Theatre Corporation
Project Location: West Los Angeles CA

The Film Center elevates the cinema experience to a level of cultural significance appropriate to the major metropolitan area and urban clientele it will serve, and has a sensibility that is akin to a sophisticated lounge or hotel lobby. Upon entrance into the film center, guests enter into a spacious and elegantly appointed lobby area. The ticket sale counter is defined by and angled wall of aubergine, steel-troweled Venetian plaster, and a back lit, reed-embedded concierge desk. Full height curtain wall windows provide immediate views to Pico Boulevard toward Westwood. Smooth stainless steel slabs emanating from the floor provide stations for screen ticket ATMs. The shape is echoed in the ceiling-mounted slabs which house the LCD monitor boards displaying movie times. The sloping undersides of theaters in the floor above are exposed throughout the lobby area, providing a dramatic spatial sense.

Adjacent to the lobby are the concessions area, a contemporary lounge, cafe and wine bar. The cantilevered glass concessions counter is faced in rough-hewn basalt stone tile. The area is defined by a walnut veneer canopy above a taupe-colored glass panel at the back counter wall. A strip of LCD display runs the length of the concessions area, displaying menu and other motion graphic content.

An exclusive lounge and wine bar is defined by a blue glass screen wall and can be closed off by velvet curtains for private events. Walnut wood screens soften the perimeter of the screen wall and add texture. The lounge area features a walnut wood floor, custom seating and a wine bar “in the round” with and internally lit resin bar top. The sloping underside of an auditorium above carves into the ceiling space. A large window wall opens to Pico Boulevard and the brilliant city view provides a dramatic contrast to the basalt stone tile wall that is lit from the floor.

The auditoriums are designed as “silent black boxes” to heighten the visual and sensory impact of the projected image. Linear light features hover along theaters walls. All auditoriums offer stadium seating, unobsturcted sight lines and projection capabilities for both film and digital content.