Meatpacking Mixed-use Building

Client:  Landmark Theatre Corporation
Project Location: New York NY

Occupying the site of a former meat packing plant, the new Building fuses high-end retail, cinema and offices into a new urban building type and builds on the vibrant nightlife of the ‘Meatpacking’ district. The project rethinks the nature and form of the “cineplex” and establishes a new paradigm for the movie going experience.

At the street level, guests enter into a lobby area where tickets are purchased and ascend a monumental glass staircase to the theaters above. On the second floor, they are infused with glowing blue light that demarks the main theater lobby and top levels of the cineplex. A lounge bar is situated at the outermost corner of the building, with views to the many nightclubs below.

The iconic shape of the auditoriums is express in a black stone-clad forms on the exterior of the building, announcing the nature of the place and presence of the cinema within. Inside, the theaters are lodged into the heart of the building, and create an unexpected, dynamic interior space below. The physical prominence and placement of the theaters establishes a new building form.

As requested by the developers, the building maximizes the rentable square feet for the retail spaces along Washingto St. and realizes the full 5:1 FAR permitted for the site – all within the restrictive 85 ft. height limit.